Science-based training that teaches youth athletes how to reach their best without getting injured or burning out.


Learn how to move well, strengthen the body and manage heavy training loads to eliminate injuries and perform at your best. 

An 4-week programme that builds strength and reduces injury risk in a fun and challenging way using equipment found around home.

Meet Dr Craig Harrison

Athlete Development Project was created by world-leading coach and researcher, Craig Harrison PhD.

Craig has a single goal: to help young athletes play the game they love without getting injured, overtraining or burning out.  

His does this by combining research in biomechanics and physiology and in the science of motivation and how young people learn.

Build Strong, Resilient Athletes.

Athlete Development Project (ADP) helps youth athletes reach their best. 

Our weekly newsletter is full of research-backed, practical ideas for defending against injury, overtraining and burning out. 

Our readers include coaches, parents, athletes, physiotherapists, doctors, administrators and more. They’re not defined by sport or experience but rather a shared goal of helping youth athletes stay healthy and perform at their best. 

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