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Meet Dr. Craig Harrison

Dr. Craig Harrison, the guy behind Athlete Development Project, has a single goal: to help young people learn and grow to realise their potential in sport, and in life. His does this by interpreting complex scientific ideas in a way that coaches can deploy. He shares his ideas in his teaching, videos, podcast and articles.

Recent Articles

Campfire stories

Data from plant ash and charred bone fragments suggest that humans were cooking prey by campfire as far back as 1.9 million years ago. The controlled fire was a turning point in the evolution of our species… read more

The magic of sleep

As a 16-year-old, sport was my life. I was running track at the national level, playing football for my school’s first XI and region, and training a lot. While I had plenty going on, one thing I clearly remember was how much I loved to sleep… read more

Markers of achievement

A golden star, placed beside your name on the classroom wall. A number, written on your hand in black ink after crossing the finish line. A neatly written certificate received on stage at Friday’s assembly… read more

Teach, don't tell

In a Stanford University design study, a pottery teacher split his class into two groups. The first group focused on making as many clay pots as they wanted in a set amount of time… read more

Athleticism is a skill

I’ve become a little obsessed with Michael Jordon since watching the Last Dance doco on Netflix…. read more

Value the space in between

Learning often happens in between. In between the doing. In between the talking… read more