Be Your Physical and Psychological Best

Kids used to play for one team with two structured training sessions per week and one game. Some went on to play reps in a week-long tournament. Then the season ended and they picked up another sport.

But things have changed. The demands of youth sport have skyrocketed. Kids are playing in multiple teams at a time, often in more than one sport. Training is constant, schedules are packed and seasons no longer exist 

The result? Kids are stressed out, in pain and getting injured at incredible rates.

So what can we do? 

The need for an empowering approach

Sports aren’t talking to each other. School’s aren’t talking with clubs. Kids are going from one high-intensity session to another in an afternoon, playing 3 games a weekend and accumulating more load in a week than elite athletes.

It’s no wonder they’re always tired, getting injured and mentally and physically burning out. 

Young bodies and minds need to be prepared appropriately for the demands of modern-day sport. They also need time to recover, to sleep, to learn and to adapt.

The system is not about to change, so it’s time for another approach.

We need to focus on empowering our kids!

ADP’s private coaching arms a young athlete with the awareness, skills and abilities to navigate the physical and mental demands of sport so that they can reach their best doing what they love,. 

For instance:

  • How to avoid overtraining and burning out;
  • How to defend against frustrating injury;
  • How to build mental strength;
  • How to improve speed, strength and fitness specific to your sport;
  • How to have hard conversations with your coach;
  • How to know how much is too much;
  • How to balance a busy sporting, academic and social calendar;
  • How to perform to your best without losing the joy of sport. 

Who is it for?

Private coaching is for developing athletes aged 11+ years competing in any sport with a passion to be their best. 

This is not only for the “elite”. Every athlete who trains with Athlete Development Project is given individualised training, mentoring and support to meet their specific needs and get the most out of sport.   

How does it work?

Sessions are 1-on-1 and arranged to suit the athlete’s schedule. Access to our expert coaches to ask questions and receive support is also available 24/7 via phone and direct message.    

What are people saying?

We’ve been amazed at the early improvements Athlete Development Project is making to our 12-year-old son in realising his physical and psychological strengths and weaknesses – traits that will better equip him to realise his future sporting potential. He has loved focussing on his balance to improve core speed and, importantly, early detection and awareness for areas that may cause problems in the future – such as his flexibility. Craig’s carefully considered program of activity and progress monitoring is already gifting our son with a genuine advantage that we simply could not have achieved elsewhere. He can’t wait for his next session and as parents we would not hesitate to advocate the program to others.

Brent & Kelly


My daughter is a passionate hockey player – she loves the game and has been playing since she was 8 years old. As a 15 year old, I felt that she had definitely gone beyond my capabilities and knowledge and needed specific advice, direction and coaching that was relevant to hockey but wasn’t forming specialisations. The Athlete Development Project has been a fantastic fit for Sam. Her individual needs are listened to and the program is working with her mental requirements as well as the physical. I can highly recommend the Athlete Development Project to anyone with a kid who has obvious capabilities but needs some specialist direction.




Craig has a great way of making training fun and professional at the same time. I really like the way Craig has incorporated my son’s goals, existing passions and hobbies and has made training fun and accessible in everyday life. His program combines physical and psychological work and he is instilling great habits and values at such an important stage. Building foundations from which to springboard in the future. My son Jamie loves the training and homework and he is developing really well under Craig’s guidance.




Working with Athlete Development Project is a commitment and takes hard work.


First, click the link below. You’ll be taken to an application where you’ll be asked a few questions about your son/daughter – nothing too personal, but it’s important we understand their current position as best as we can to help them.

If we decide they’re a good match for the programme, Craig will schedule a call straight away to talk to you about it more. If we don’t think they’re a good match, we’ll let you know politely.

We’re only looking for passionate, dedicated athletes to join the programme.

Meet Your Coach, Craig

Dr Craig Harrison created Athlete Development Project with a single goal: to help young athletes play the game they love without getting injured, overtraining or burning out. 

With a PhD in athlete development and over 20 years of experience, Craig teaches youth athletes how to build a strong and healthy body and mind in a fun and engaging way. 

Craig is also a researcher at AUT University, host of the popular podcast, The Athlete Development Show, the husband of former Silver Fern and FIVB International Beach Volleyball Player Anna Harrison and a father of 3.