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Dr Craig Harrison is no ordinary speaker. With his extensive knowledge and practical experience he delivers thought provoking and insightful presentations for sports parents, coaches and administrators.

Craig is a researcher, motivator, coach, teacher, podcaster and leader. What sets him apart from the field is his ability to quickly connect with an audience, build their trust, and make complex topics meaningful and easy to understand. People leave his sessions entertained, informed and inspired to make real change. 

As the founder of the Athlete Development Project and host of the popular podcast The Athlete Development Show, Craig’s greatest love is the development of young people. It’s an obsession that connects him closely to some of the brightest and most brilliant minds in New Zealand, and across the world, with the single goal of developing more creative, confident and athletic performers.  

The Developing Athlete

A Guide to Health, Happiness and Higher Performance

The simple fact is that youth sport is more competitive and demanding than ever before. Teen athletes are getting hurt, burning out and falling short of their potential and it's a trend we need to stand up and take notice of.

Adolescence is a unique stage in physical and psychological growth that significantly affects what an athlete needs from sport. 

Drawing from the latest research, Craig uses real-life stories to make this fascinating topic easy to understand with practical tips to help your athletes navigate a rapidly changing body and mind and reach their best performance. 

Schools, clubs and sporting organisations looking to support their teen athletes’ performance while remaining happy and healthy should look no further than this presentation.

environments for success

Helping Engaged Grown-Ups Offer Best Support

As a culture we've created outcome-focused, performance environments. We value the result of the game or competition over the character strengths required to achieve. And as a consequence, kids are missing out on the rich learning experiences sport can offer.

Sport can inspire young minds, strengthen character and change lives. Unfortunately, the research paints a difference picture with more kids losing motivation and quitting sport than ever before. 

In this fascinating presentation, Craig explains the power of developmentally-appropriate environments to help kids learn faster, build resilience and achieve more in the sports that they love.

At the Skatepark

The Surprising Truth About How We Learn

No set schedule, yet kids turn up regularly to ride. No official rules, yet everybody gets along. No coach, yet every child learns. And no score, yet kids keep coming back for more.

It’s easy to think the skatepark is for ratbags. The trouble makers of the world. For kids who don’t have much drive in life, and are looking for a place to hide. It’s not true.  

When Craig went looking for what develops creative, confident, and resilient young people, he ended up at the Skatepark. What he found will surprise, and delight you!


“Craigs presentation about the Developing Athlete is a must-do. If you are involved with youth sport in any way, from having young children beginning their sporting careers through to dedicated focused teenagers, if you are a parent, supporter, coach or manager then the content Craig presents will be incredibly valuable to you. It will give you insights into your own behaviours and how these will be influencing the behaviour and actions of our youth. It is filled with eye opening data, practical wisdom, inspiring stories and so many take outs that you will find yourself thinking about it and discussing ideas for days to come. It made us all stop and think about how we support our young, what’s important, and how can we do better, but all presented in a positive encouraging way.”

Leigh Jeffery, Sports Mum

Craig presented to our St Cuthbert’s College sports parents where the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Craig makes you critically evaluate the ‘’why’’ in an athlete’s sporting journey, where everything he says is backed up with relevant research in the athlete development space. He is engaging and sees everything from a balanced lens – which in today’s sporting landscape is vital. I would highly recommend Craig’s professional presentation to any parent, school, sporting organisation or to coaches who are seeking a greater understanding in the athlete development space.

Anna Stanley, St Cuthbert’s College

“We were fortunate to host Craig for two days at New Plymouth Boys’ High School. During the evening he presented to over 100 parents in our community and it was exceptionally well-received by all. Craig comes with extensive knowledge and experience in the Youth Sport and Athlete Development space and provided a powerful, insightful and thought-provoking seminar to our parent community. We will certainly be getting him back early next year.”

Matt Cleaver, Assistant Headmaster, New Plymouth Boys’ High School

“From his own personal experience to well-grounded research, Craig’s presentation was insightful and thought-provoking. His relaxed presentation style and ability to get his message across were very relatable and well-received by his audience. I would highly recommend Craig to any parents or coaches whose children are, or will be getting involved in sport.”

Gary Pasfield, Principal, Waimauku School

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