Royston Dsouza on the Muck of Mumbai, Movement Skill, and Keeping the Joy in Sport

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“Grass was a luxury, if you saw grass, you’d go and roll in it.”

My conversation today is with Royston Dsouza. Hailing from India, where he spend much of his childhood playing football on the streets of Mumbai, Royston is now based in Auckland, Aotearoa, where he works as a movement skill coach and as a football coach.  Royston played top level club football in India for five years before quitting and making the move to New Zealand to study.

In this conversation, I chat with Royston about his joyful childhood, including his wide range of movement experiences and playing sport based on the season. Roy describes the difference between football in New Zealand compare to India and what led to his decision to quit the game he loved. We also chat about Roy’s approach to developing movement skill and how he aims to keep kids in sport.

You can check out Roy and his awesome work @Roystondsouza on instagram.


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