Jay Carter on Talent, Skilled Golfers, and Helping Young Athletes Lead Themselves

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It’s an absolute pleasure to bring Golf New Zealand’s National Coach, Jay Carter, on the show. Jay and I met not long ago when he reached out to ask me on his fantastic podcast, Talking Performance. We had a great conversation and barely scratched the surface on some topics I wanted to talk more about.

So, here we are. While Jay and I spend our days in different sports and with athletes at different stages of development, we share a lot in common. Most significantly, the common goal to help young athletes lead themselves.

Jay and I cover a lot in this conversation, including solving problems over learning techniques, identifying potential rather than performance, creating talent systems, play versus practice, what happened when Jay literally froze on the tee back in his playing days, thinking out loud to build awareness, slowing down to speed up, and much more.


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