Dane Baker on Fuelling for Performance, Fad Diets, and Low Energy Availability in Sport

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Dane Baker is a Performance Dietitian who has worked extensively with New Zealand’s elite athletes and organisations over the past 15 years, including the Chiefs, Blues, Black Ferns 7s, NZ Hockey and NZ Swimming.  He was also the NZ team dietitian for the Rio Olympics and Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Dane is an active researcher in the field of RED-s, a lecturer at the University of Otago and has a leadership role as part of WHISPA, a specialist group dedicated to optimising female health and performance at High performance Sport New Zealand.  He also leads the nutrition provision for the HPSNZ core knowledge coach education program.

In this wide ranging conversation, Dane and I discuss how to properly fuel a developing athlete’s performance, fad diets and the influence they are having on our kids, Dane’s love of fishing, and the dangers of low energy availability in sport. We start the show hearing about Dane’s formative years growing up playing golf in West Auckland.


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