Kylie Cox on the Importance of a Healthy and Regular Menstrual Cycle

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We all have times in our lives that change us. Watershed moments that force us into thinking differently. Kylie Cox had one of these very moments a few years ago while training for an Ironman World 70.3 Age Group Championship. Despite continuing to perform in training, a number a life stressors coincided with a heavy training load. She became concerned about how her health might impact her menstrual cycle and sought help.

Now, after exercising her own curiosity and earning a Master’s degree focusing on energetic injuries, Kylie is passionate about helping young athletes and their families understand what it really means to stay healthy.

Kylie also works a the physiotherapist for Netball New Zealand’s secondary school programme and recently developed the first national resource on female athletic health for NetballSmart.

We start the show hearing more about Kylie’s story.


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