The Future of Athletics in New Zealand | Fiona Maisey

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This week, I’m excited to be talking with Young People’s Lead at Athletics New Zealand , Fiona Maisey. It’s a relatively new role for the organisation, yet super important considering 82% of registered participants in the sport are under the age of 18. Fiona brings a diverse background to the position, including many years practising as a nurse, parenting 4 boys, and a passion for music. We dig into all of this on the show.

We also talk about Fiona’s efforts to create young people friendly environments, including the importance of finding your tribe, why time is such a valuable resource for building meaningful relationships, retaining teenagers in the sport, avoiding athlete entitlement, what fun really looks  like for young people, learning how to lose, the importance of gratitude, coaching the person, and much more.

I’ve always loved athletics. There’s something about how it tests the fundamentals of human physiology  – speed, power, endurance – that really appeals to me. So I’m really excited to bring Fiona on the show to share with us her thoughts on development and where the sport of athletics is headed in the future.


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