A Masterclass on Feedback | Rob Mason, Ph.D.

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The traditional definition of a coach is someone who gives instruction to help an athlete or direct team strategy. The problem with this definition, however, is that it can result in a one-way flow of information – from coach to athlete – which doesn’t necessary line up with how young people learn.

On the show today, I chat with coach developer and researcher, Rob Mason (@rob_mason12). Rob holds a PhD in Education and a Masters of Teaching from the University of Melbourne. He currently works as the Coach Development Manager at Port Adelaide Football Club in Australia. Rob frequently presents to organisations on game day communication, feedback and coaching science and writes about his work here.  

In this conversation, Rob shares how a coach can deliver feedback in ways that best support the learning and all-round development of their athletes.

We also discuss:

  • The huge influence Rob’s dad has had on his coaching;
  • Rob’s love for books;
  • Being a career procrastinator;
  • The importance of earning credibility from your athletes and how to do it;
  • Using an action research approach to improve your coaching;
  • Why what you say in your feedback is not always the same as what is heard; and
  • More.

I love Rob’s reflective nature and clarity of thought, as well as how willing he is to really assess the impact of his work. Please enjoy the show. 

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