Christian Swann on Psychological States of Peak Performance

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After experiencing a magic moment playing golf when everything seemed to click and his performance excelled, my guest in this episode began a research journey into psychological states of peak performance.

You may have heard athletes talk about being ‘in the zone’. It’s a time when you’re so engrossed in the task at hand that you lose track of time, become supremely confident, and nothing can stop you from putting out your best performance. You just need to ‘let it happen’. Heck, you’ve probably, at some point, even experienced it yourself.

The scientific term for this feeling is called ‘flow‘, and my guest on the show today, Associate Professor Christian Swann (@cswannpsych), studies it.

But it turns out there’s another mind state that can also induce peak performance. It’s called ‘clutch’, and is much more about ‘making it happen’. Clutch is also an idea Christian studies.

In this conversation, Christian describes exactly what flow and clutch are, and how you can help your athlete get into them.

You can check out Christian’s research here

Kia ora! 

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