Kimberley Carducci on Athlete Identity, Depression & Navigating Sport Retirement (Ep 112)

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We all know the benefits of sporting success.

But what happens when it all goes wrong? 

Kimberly Carducci (@everythingathletesdotcom) grew up engrossed in sport and started breaking records in the pool as a 6-year-old. Winning felt good and Kim quickly wanted more of it.

As a D1 swimmer in the US, Kim was a 4-time State Champion, 4-time Scholastic All-American, 4-time All-State Selection and an 8-time All-American honoree.

But after retiring from the sport that she’d dedicated her life to, Kim had a moment of outrage on a tennis court that forced her to carefully reevaluate her life.

Kim’s new book, The I of the Tiger: Athlete Identity and Remedying Sport’s Greatest Conflicts, tells a tale of overcoming severe depression after leaving the sport that she loved. It also describes the journey Kim went on to heal and how she’s come to realise that what gets you success in sport can be harmful in normal life.

Now, Kim’s mission is to help other athletes to do the same.

This is Kim’s story.

Kia ora!

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