Daniel Greenwood - Using Science to Help People

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Using Science to Help People

Daniel Greenwood (@DanielGreenw00d) is a scientist.

He spends his days with athletes, coaches and other service providers solving interesting problems in sport.

Dan started his sport science journey in Sydney as an undergraduate student. After earning his degree he moved to Canberra to complete postgraduate study at the Australian Institute of Sport. Next, Dan broadened his horizon with a job in Singapore at the Sports Council. Studying towards a PhD came next, as well as a role at the Queensland Academy of Sport. He then moved back to Canberra to take the position of Senior Skill Acquisition Scientist. Today, Dan Directs the Human Performance Centre at the University of Memphis.

This is the story of Dan’s quest to be the best scientist he can be. It’s also about how he uses science to help people.

I love the way Dan thinks and how he pushes past what’s normal to get to the important.

If you like to live outside the box a little, you’re going to love this conversation.

Kia ora!


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