The Curious Mind (#96)

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Today’s conversation is something different.

In episode 75 of the show, I spoke with Austin Einhorn, founder of Apiros, a movement culture out of Santa Cruz in California. Austin works with a range of youth and professional athletes within the US and around the world. In that conversation, we dug into designing training environment for better movement outcomes, the future of sport and performance training, his forthcoming book (which is not far away) and much more.

Since then, Austin and I have developed a close friendship and now regularly talk about our work and life in general. He’s one of the guys I go to when I have questions I’m struggling with.

And so we thought we’d see how it goes sharing some of our conversations with you.

We’re calling it the “Curious Mind.”

First up we dig into cultivating curiosity, social media, the law of entropy, skill versus fitness, Austin’s vision for his life’s work, coaching the squat, influencing change, and much more.

Kia ora!

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