Richard Cheetham on Being a Creative Coach, Effective Communication, and Going Into Partnership With Your Athletes (#93)

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The art of communication is... what do I say, what do they hear... are you developing any shared meaning?

Richard Cheetham

Richard Cheetham (@twowheelprof) is a Senior Fellow in Sports Coaching at the University of Winchester. Before that, he spent three years teaching and coaching in New Zealand. 

Richard was awarded an MBE for his work in Community Education and Sport. He has a strong reputation for creative thinking and innovation within coach education and development and has spent time inside many sporting organisations including Saracens RFC Academy, Fulham Football Club, and more recently, British Triathlon. His research focuses on a holistic approach to coaching.

Is this episode, Richard talks about the 3 years he spent in New Zealand, failure, projection, the art of effective communication, relinquishing the ego, writing pre-mortems, creating healthy partnerships with your athletes, and the challenges of teaching online. 

Please enjoy!

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