“I never actually wanted to do a 50 mile, it was just that someone challenged me to it. And then I never actually wanted to do 100 miles, it just happened that Hardrock, this race that I went to and saw how incredible it was there, happened to be 100 miles, and so I had to run 100 miles.”    – Anna Frost

This conversation is with Anna Frost, a mum, a coach, a mentor and a professional mountain, trail and ultra runner, who has raced all over the world.

Since starting out in 2004, Anna has assembled a long list of running achievements, including winning Hardrock, a 100-mile race across the Colorado mountains in the US, two years in a row.

In this conversation, Annas shares her journey from growing up as a small-town girl in Dunedin, New Zealand, to being one of the best ultra-distance runners in the world.

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