I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation lately.

What is it that fuels desire?

Where does the inner drive come from to keep going when nobody’s watching?

It’s never been more important than right now.

Our normal has been seriously disrupted.

Many of our options have been taken away.

Yet, despite not knowing when it will happen, our kids will get back to sport.

And so, taking responsibility has become essential.

The job of keeping fitness levels up, maintaining skills and avoiding slipping into bad nutritional habits rests firmly on the shoulders of the athlete.

The kind of motivation required to do these things is impossible to manufacture instantly.

But we can definitely create an environment where taking responsibility is promoted and nurtured.

The type of place where values are set and an expectation exists that you should care about them.

For instance, curiosity.

When curiosity is valued home, it provides an impetus for a child to take risks and experiment.

And when risk-taking is normalised, the motivation to learn and grow is magnified.

When we spend time shining a light on what we care about, it becomes embedded from an early age.

To knowing what’s important,

Craig —

P.s., I’m starting the Athlete Environment – a place where you’ll get the tool-kit to create an environment for your child so they can thrive as an athlete and fulfil their potential in multiple domains. It’s also a safe space to discuss your concerns, ask questions and connect with likeminded parents. I’m looking for founding members right now, let me know here if you want details.